Unbox Your GOOGLE PLAY Gift Card-Codes

What is GOOGLE PLAY Gift Card?

GOOGLE PLAY Gift Card is a method that makes use of the virtual currency known as Google Play Credits (GPA) to buy select applications and games from the Google Play Store.

How to Get google play Gift Card?

The straightforward way to get Google Play Gift Card with nothing but with purchase of a phone. Well I have come with the gifting option on Google Play. Simply go to the payment section of Google Play. Now you will see a whole lot of options.

How to Use google play Gift Card?

After you register on google play store you will be able to get access to all kinds of music tracks, video etc. and also you can use that gift card to buy movie tickets or download their favorite game!

How to Redeem google play Gift Card?

Simply login into your google play account and click on the link that says ‘Purchase with Google Play‘.
You will see an option for ‘Pay with Google Play‘
Click on the same.
Your payment details will be sent to you.

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